Why Trust us for Your Cell Phone Repair?

Today our cell phones have become a big part of our life. The small device is no more a luxury but a necessity and if something were to happen to our mobile phones, our lives would come to a standstill. Today, the cell phone is like a major organ and just like when any vital organ is damaged and need immediate attention, your damaged cell phone also need immediate repair.

These days there are many repair shops in NYC, but, how can one choose the right one and based on what factors should one choose. Well if you are confused about this then no worries. Here are a few things that you would like to know about Wireless Solutions NY and why it is considered as one of the best cell phone repair shop.

Cellphone Repair NY

Onsite trained & certified technicians

Our technicians are always on site. So you come anytime and our technicians will always be there to assist you. No matter what the issue is you can trust each of our technicians. They are not only trained but also have the necessary certifications. So, when you come to Wireless Solutions NY, you can be sure that your precious cell phones are in good hands.

Quick & Reliable

At Wireless Solutions NY, whether your mobile is an iPhone or a Samsung, a blackberry or Nokia or any…when it comes to time it matters the most. We have a 10 minute screen repair policy and all our other services are equally quick. We not only give quick but also extremely reliable service. Don’t go on our words, try yourself for once.

iphone repair ny

Top Rated & 90 days warranty

Wireless Solutions NY has a strict 90 days warranty period not only for iPhones repairs but all other phones too. Once you get your phone checked here and if as per the guidance of our technicians your cell phone is repaired then rest assured because we have a 90 day warranty policy. Also we are top rated on YELP. So if you don’t trust our words, you can always go through our ratings and what our esteemed customers have to say about us.

Phone Repair Warranty

Affordable Prices, Free Diagnoses & Data Security

Wireless Solutions offers a discount of US $ 10 on repairs (conditions applied). Also if you were to compare the price of all other repair shops in NY based on each aspect like quality of repair, time taken, profession and many other things then you would find the rates and prices extremely affordable. Also, there is always a 100% data security and we also offer Free Diagnosis when you get us your phones.