What Are The Most Common Types Of LG G2 Phone Damages & Different Ways To Prevent Them?

With its high-end features and great design, no wonder why LG G2 is popularly known as one of the hottest smartphones available today. But despite being so innovative, the LG G2 is likewise prone to all kinds of damages just like any other famous smartphones. Here are some of the common types of phone damages and the different ways to prevent your LG G2 repair.

The LG G2 is without a doubt one of the hottest smartphones available today. This innovative mobile device is popular for its high-end features and great design. The LG G2 comes with ports for 3.5 mm audio port, loudspeaker, and micro USB. This full touchscreen smartphone is also very light with only 143 grams weight. However, despite being so innovative, it can also get damaged and may require LG G2 repair.


Just like any other famous smartphones, the LG G2 is likewise prone to all kinds of damages. LG G2 repair NYC is quite costly. Aside from that, having a broken phone can cause a lot of hassles, headache, and stress most especially if you use it primarily for your daily work. You don’t have another choice but to bring it to the nearest repair shop.

To minimise chances for LG cell phone repair, it is wise to follow some simple yet helpful precautions. Here are some of the common types of phone damages and the different ways to prevent them.

Data Loss

One of the primary reasons for data loss is virus. Just like computers and laptops, your phone is also not safe from getting infected by viruses. There are many ways you can get infected by viruses. It can be through opening an unrecognized email from your mobile mailbox. It can be through visiting malicious sites. Or perhaps, through downloading apps that contain viruses and malware.

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The Danger of Virus Infection

When your phone gets infected by a virus, you are not only bound to lose some or all of your stored data, including mobile numbers from your phone-book, important messages, documents, videos, and images, you can also be a victim of those online hackers who steal confidential information like bank account details, personal information, and other private information.

Avoiding Viruses

You can protect your phone from this type of damage by installing a good and reliable anti-virus software.

Broken Screen

LG G2 screen repair is the most common service that repair shops do every day. Using a phone with a broken screen can be dangerous for you. It can hurt your fingers or perhaps the small pieces of the glass can get into your eyes.

Broken Screen Quick Fix

Depending on the severity of damage, you can take a sort of “first aid treatment” for your phone. If you accidentally dropped your phone and the screen got broken, you can secure it by using a transparent adhesive tape. This can help prevent the small pieces of glasses from falling off and it can likewise help prevent the damage from getting worse.

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If the damage only includes a very small scratch on the surface of the fragile screen, a transparent adhesive tape can be used as a quick fix. However, for more severe damages, it is wise to bring your phone to a shop for LG screen replacement.

Avoiding Screen Damage

There are different ways to avoid screen damage. One is to use a screen protector. The screen protector will protect your phone screen from scratches and minor screen damages.

Another way to prevent screen damage is to use a shockproof case. The case will keep your phone screen safe from getting broken whenever you drop your phone.

Also, don’t worry about your phone shockproof case and screen protector getting damaged because they are easier and more affordable to replace than to have phone screen repair.