Tips and Tricks to Follow When You Lose Your Phone

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Phone these days are such an important part of our lives. The entire day’s activities usually depend on the device from setting up the alarm to getting all the updates in just one click. Losing your phone to someone could mean someone has a single access point to your whole life.

It is wise to take comprehensive preventive measures when it comes to securing and protecting your device. Have a look at these ways to protect your information and improve your chances of recovering your phone when it’s stolen or lost.


  • Determine if it’s really missing

You will have to determine if the phone is really missing in the first place or is it just that you have misplaced it. There’s a quick way and accurate way to do that with great features of the smartphones these days. Use the feature called Find my iPhone for an iPhone and for android, use the feature called Android Device Manager if you are missing an Android phone.


  • Call on your phone

Once you have figured that you have actually lost your phone, immediately call on your number just in case you left it somewhere, and someone might have found it, or perhaps you have merely left it at your friend’s house, or you might have left your apple iPhone for repair at a store. So it is best to call on your number.

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  • Remotely lock and wipe your phone.

When you realize you have lost your phone or it got stolen, act as quick as possible, try to lock and wipe your phone’s data remotely. This definitely requires you to have certain apps installed first in order to make that possible. These apps are as follows:

  • Android: Google Secure and Erase Device
  • Samsung: Find My Mobile Lock and Delete Data
  • iPhone: Find My iPhone Activation Lock
  • Windows 10: Find and Lock My Device
  • T-Mobile: Lookout Mobile Security Premium

Remotely lock and wipe your phone

  • Contact your phone carrier.

After that, move on to the next step to secure your information by contacting your phone carrier. Report the phone as lost or stolen and your phone carrier to guide you further. Your carrier then will provide you with options to either suspend or disconnect the phone.

  • Change the passwords

Change all the passwords in your phone, from the lock screen to cloud as soon as you possibly can in order to put out fires and prevent your phone from any further damage. Also do not forget to change the passwords of your bank, email, social media, and other accounts that you accessed from your phone. This is why you should store your details and essential information somewhere it is easily accessible like a notepad, on spouse’s phone, or in your planner. The data and information include details such as:

  • Important phone numbers
  • Sign-in credentials for location tracking.
  • Bank account details and information
  • Carrier and account details
  • Your digital wallet balance
  • Take preventive measures to protect your information.

Prevention is better than cure. Here’s what you can do to prevent your information from leaking or going out while you have your phone so that  when your phone goes missing, you can rest assured your phone will be safe:

  • Always keep your phone secured at the lock screen by using any modes of locking your phone like a fingerprint, face lock feature, a pin, or a pattern. Not having any security can lead to further damage after loss or theft. A lock offers a valuable line of defense which gives you time to take action and protect your data if you happen to lose it.
  • Another precaution you can take is keeping a backup. When you lose your device, you lose the data you had in your device too so in order to have access to your data like photos, videos, notes, and so forth you need a backup. Upload all your device’s data to the cloud regularly so you can have access to your most recent images, music, and other data. Also, when you decide to wipe all your data remotely, you won’t have to think about it twice.
  • Manually type your passwords in instead of auto-saving them, so you won’t lose your identity and savings when you lose your phone.

protect your information

  • Report to your contacts and co-workers

As soon as you find out that you have lost your phone, that is when its time to take action. Inform all the important people in your contacts about the loss and tell them not to share any informative data or files to your devices. Remember to access your email, project management apps, and personal data through your computer and change the passwords and inform your co-workers regarding the same. This will protect you and them and also gives them a chance to secure their data.


  • Locate your phone via GPS

If you have tried calling on your phone and couldn’t get any response, try locating it via your phone GPS locating service, however, this solution requires an activated GPS on your device so you can access them from any other machine or devices. Android Device Manager and Find My iPhone will be helpful to do this efficiently.


These were some of the ways to find your lost or stolen phone and retrieve it. Keep these tips and tricks in mind for keeping your data safe and secure.