Common Problems with LG V30 Phone that need Repair

Lg phones have again gained some popularity back in the market along with apple, and other popular phone companies. The LG V30 has proven to be one of the best phones in the market when launched. And, it has proven to be an ideal phone for the users.

The LG V30 is one of the successful Android phones available in the market place, but even best of the phones can have flaws and drawbacks. As the release continued, we started noticing people reporting LG V30 repair problems. Since there were so many problems reported, the company had to come up with the upgrades that offered solutions. Some of the issues were just operative problems from the customer’s end while some had to be fixed from the manufacturer’s end.

So by keeping all this in mind, here we have mentioned some common LG V30 problems and help you quickly fix them. Some issues may be common for other phones like LG stylo 3 repair or LG v20 repair and you can try the same solutions for common problems as well.

With the help of this brief guide, you will be able to fix any LG V30 issues without feeling the need to call your carrier or heading to a store for support.

Whether you need to fix the battery life of the phone or feel that your phone often freezes, these steps will help you solve most of these issues. Have a look at the types of problems reported and resources to address them along with improving your overall phone experience.

  • Fix the apps that aren’t full screen

The owners often reported that apps aren’t functioning in full screen. Owners complained saying that with a big 6-inch edge-to-edge screen, why do apps leave black bars at the top and the bottom? The LG V30 has a new 18:9 aspect ratio, which is long and skinny, and it also makes it easier to hold and use even with a big screen.

However, it makes the black bars at the top and bottom just like it used to be shown in widescreen 90’s TV screens.

What you can do to solve it

Fortunately, there is a way to resolve this issue. In the settings, there is a new “App Scaling” option; you can control and resize apps over there to use the full screen you paid for.

  • Auto-brightness problem

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Some users have reported that the auto-brightness feature doesn’t work well, it either increases or decreases too much more than you need. This issue makes the display difficult to read.

What you can do to solve it

  • You can turn auto-brightness off and instead manually increase or decrease the brightness as per your need. You can do it by going to Settings > Displayand disable Auto brightness. You can even disable auto-brightness and manually set it via setting’s shortcut menu in the notification dropdown.
  • Since its a software issue, the upcoming software update might be a solution. Until then, you can download any auto brightness app from Google play store.

  • Battery drains rapidly

A lot of users have come across the issue regarding battery life. They have reported that battery drains quickly.

What you can do to solve it

  • Any large and rogue app could be the reason for any lag, stutter, or battery drain. Find out what apps you had installed just before the battery drain problem occurred.
  • LG puts together a lot of features into software experience. Disabling them unless you use them could provide a better performance of your phone.
  • Send it for a repair, consider this only when all other options have failed, as sending your LG phone for repair would mean, you have to allow your phone for factory reset.

  • Fingerprint scanner issues

Fingerprint scanner issues

When fingerprint scanner doesn’t unlock your phone in the first go, it could be frustrating. Additionally, it gets even more complicated when you put your case on.

What you can do to solve it

  • Deleting already stored fingerprint in your device and remapping again has worked for many people, you can give it a try. Moreover, you can even store the same fingerprint twice, that has also worked for some users.
  • While in some cases, clearing cache has helped. Go to Settings > General > Phone Management > Device Storageand tap on Internal Storage, then tap on Cached data and clear it.

  • Face and voice unlock issues

LG’s new phones have upgraded from ordinary pin, password, and pattern to more advanced options for security. Along with a fingerprint, you can use Face and Voice unlock options. With this feature, you can unlock your phone with your face and your voice as well.

What you can do to solve it

Face unlock seems to work right. However, the only issue people have found is that anyone can use a picture to fool your device into unlocking your phone.

  • To solve this issue, you can select “Advanced Mode” and if the face unlocks doesn’t work, you can scan your face multiple times for improved accuracy.

Voice unlock has been reported to be a pretty hit or miss.

  • Bluetooth and WI-FI connectivity Problems

WI-FI connectivity Problems

Bluetooth connectivity has now become a prevalent and bigger issue in android phones. A lot of android forums have come across complaints against Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

What you can do to solve it

  • In case your phone doesn’t see any devices or won’t connect to any, forget all the connections entirely, it goes for both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, then turn it off. Then turn back on and try to reconnect to your device.
  • Another solution for Bluetooth connectivity issues is that you can head into Settings > Apps > Bluetoothand clear the cache. This will delete all pairings of the past, which has worked for some.


These are just a few of the common issues which were mentioned here that can be addressed from your end, with the help of this guide, you can avoid costs of repair. Apart from that; there are still many other issues that don’t have any workarounds or fixes available. But yet if you need any repairs, you can research about LG phone repair stores in NYC. Hopefully, even these issues will be addressed with upcoming software updates.