5 Things to do when you need to Replace OnePlus 5 LCD Screen, Battery and Charging Port

When using the smartphone over the years, it oughts to damage in a certain way. The reasons are endless; it can be because the of the broken screen or its battery life or the camera quality has blemished. With the constant upgrading of smartphones, it has become one of the many reasons for the repairs.

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Other problems like performance issues, Internet problems, battery worn out, or specific apps not working have emerged with the time. Perhaps, you are looking to fix the same issues you are dealing with your oneplus. Before heading out to a shop, you can have a look at the below tricks for OnePlus 5 repair.

Here, are the top most common reasons that will aid you to find the correct answer to your issues:

1. Performance Issues

Few users have been facing issues regarding the performance with their OnePlus 5. Concerns like reboot, stutter or lag, have appeared that results in battery draining even when you aren’t using the phone.


This issue may have appeared due to the newly installed app. Have a look at the recently installed applications. You can delete the last few apps you had installed before the problem emerged. The last thing you can do if the problem still persists, perform a factory reset and start over. Since you will lose all your data.


2. Connectivity Issues

Wi-Fi issues are pretty standard when it comes to OnePlus 5. You can follow through a few general steps that can help when facing problems with connecting to the internet.


Disable power saving mode or turn off the router that you are using and the phone. Wait for a while before turning on your device. You can even go to the Wi-Fi settings on the device and forget the preferred network you are using before entering the details again from scratch.


3. Adaptive Brightness Issues

Issues regarding the brightness of the OnePlus 5 have also been found. The adaptive brightness does works accordingly.

OnePlus 5

Source: android central


It is stated that this happens due to a software issue. However, the problem was fixed by the updated version of it. Yet some users still are facing the same issue and hopefully, a permanent solution will be available soon.


4. Windows 10 Issue

Some OnePlus 5 devices are not able to recognize the windows 10 update. Making it impossible to transfer files from the phone to the PC. Yet the device will charge through when you plug into the computer.


You can solve the issue by manually changing the settings of your phone. Go to About phone and tap on the build number multiple times until a pop up appears which says, “you are a developer now.” Go to the settings menu to the new section called developer options and then to USB debugging and enable it. Perhaps you have to reboot your phone once you enable this mode.


5. Certain Apps not working

Certain internet apps or games might not work when the devices switch to mobile data but not when connected to Wi-Fi.

Certain Apps not working

Oneplus 5


Simply go to settings to more networks to mobile networks and to access point names. Tap on to APN point names and change the protocol to IPv4 or IPv6. Mostly, this setting is only presented to IPv6 only and thus, which results in working of certain apps only.

Summing up,

These are the issues that OnePlus 5 users might have come across while using it and the potential solutions to fix. If all solutions do not provide you with the expected outcome, you can take on some professional help. Most of the problems are related to software and which can be sorted out with few easy steps. Always make sure to keep your Operating system updated.