5 Easy Ways to Protect your iPhone 7 Screen

Mobile phones have become one of the most important things for everyone. It lets you stay connected to your professional and personal circle. While smartphones are sturdy and can resist scratches to beat the standard wear, yet the screens are easily damageable. If you have an iPhone 7, it needs little extra care to protect its screen from breaking.

iphone 7 repair

The iPhone 7 repair is not an economical expenditure. So, it’s better to secure the iPhone 7 instead of spending bucks afterward. Read on, for smart tips and tricks to maintain your smartphone:

  1. Avoid Old Tap

When you are using the phone, do not tap on it aggressively that might damage the screen. The method is outdated as the keypad phone does not exist anymore. Even if your phone is not working properly, you should not manipulate the screen by tapping on it. If any issue arises, you should take your phone to the iPhone 7 screen repair shop and not hit it.

  1. Avoid Excess sunlight

Even though sunlight does not harm your iPhone directly, you should not expose your phone for a more extended period. That will heat your phone and that is not good for your phone. If you leave your phone in the sun for long, then the touch screen will stop working correctly. The batteries will also be affected. So, if you accidentally left your phone to overheat, keep it in the shade to cool off.

  1. Use Screen Protector

Nowadays, there are many options available in the market that allows securing the screen from damage. You can use a screen protector to make sure your iPhone 7 screen does not break when it falls. Buy gorilla glass as a screen guard. It will keep the screen safe. The screen guard is a much more relaxed and cheaper way to invest in then to replace the whole filter afterward. Plus, there are screen protectors that allow the oil-resistant coating to reduce smudges on the phone.

Use Screen Protector

  1. Careful Cleaning

Clean your phone with a proper cloth or tissue, when dust appears on it. Wipe the screen gently. If you need to clean your screen with a screen solution to make sure nothing will be damaged. You can even use a microfiber cloth to remove the dust from your screen and keep it safe.

  1. Buy Phone case

Buying a case can help you protect your iPhone screen from breaking. A phone cover protects your phone from breakage; it provides grip to hold the phone correctly. There are various types of covers available today with a variety of designs to match according to everyone’s specific needs. Cases like a bumper case, full-coverage case, and many others cater to different needs. There are some phone covers which have built-in batteries that will help to provide power to your smartphone.

Buy Phone case

The smartphone is built in such a way that it resists scratches and are tough enough to stain itself. Yet you should take the prevention to make sure your iPhone remains safe. Aforementioned, are some tips that will help you out to secure your iPhone 7 screen.


Smart phones have become a necessity nowadays. It lets you stay connected and organized in every area of your life. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that iPhones are very easily damageable devices. If your iPhone 7 screen breaks, its repair cost will be very expensive. So, to assist you with the ways you can protect your smartphone screen from any damage, consider the above tips.