4 Phone Screen Repair Options and The Average Cost

You were calling your friend when someone from behind suddenly shouted out your name. You were startled. After a few moments, you realized that you have accidentally dropped your precious smartphone and when you picked it out you noticed that it is no longer as beautiful as it was a few seconds ago. You have just broken your phone’s screen. But wait, don’t panic and stay calm instead. As long as it’s not shattered, you can still do something to fix your phone.

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When the screen of your phone gets broken, it does not necessarily mean that you automatically have to buy a brand new one or bring it to a screen repair NYC shop. Although getting your phone repaired by a professional technician is quite less expensive than buying a whole new device, it is always better to know your options first.

Here are some ideas how you can fix your broken phone screen.

Buy a new screen

If you decide to replace your phone’s broken screen, you will need to start with buying a new screen. Depending on where you buy the screen and what type of phone you have, you can easily find new screens that will definitely fit your budget. For Nokia phones, the new LCD generally costs as much as $15. For iPhones, the new screen can cost about $50. If your phone is Samsung Galaxy S3, be prepared to shell out around $180 for the screen replacement and digitizer.

In order for you to do the repair, you will need to have some handy tools. The toolkit typically includes the pry tools, tweezers, very small screwdrivers, and other helpful tools that are intended for cell phone repair. If you do not have a toolkit yet, you can easily find them at the retailer shop. The cost of the toolkit can be anywhere between $15 and $30.

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Don’t know how to replace a broken screen? Well, you do not have to worry because you can always find easy to follow cell phone repair DIY videos and tutorials across the internet.

Bring your phone to the manufacturing company

One other option you have is to bring your broken phone to the manufacturing company. But always remember that even if your phone is under warranty, you might have to still pay at least $200 for the replacement or repair. Normally, broken screen is not included in the warranty. Also, keep in mind that bringing your phone to the manufacturing company is the safest yet the most expensive option you have.

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Send your phone to the nearest repair shop

If the first two options do not work for you, you may choose to send your phone to a cell phone repair NYC shop and have it fixed by a professional technician. Cellphone technicians typically charge as much as $170 to repair a cracked iPhone screen.

Hire a professional cellphone technician

If you don’t feel like driving a few miles to have your phone repaired at the nearest cellphone shop, you may contact and hire a professional cellphone technician who offers home service. Take note that home service providers usually charges more than those who do the repair at their shop to cover their transportation expenses and other costs.